Distribution Network

Distribution Network

Alafia distribution system includes two main warehouses and seven distribution points that cover the entire region of libya. This well-established network ensures efficient and timely delivery of products to customers throughout the country.

Alafia’s two main warehouses serve as central hubs for receiving, storing, and managing inventory. These strategically located warehouses are equipped with modern facilities and advanced inventory management systems to ensure optimal storage conditions and accurate tracking of stock.They act as the primary distribution centers, receiving products from manufacturers and suppliers and preparing them for onward distribution.

The seven distribution points spread across libya play A crucial role in reaching customers in various regions. These distribution points are strategically located to minimize delivery time and transportation costs. They serve as local hubs, receiving products from the main warehouses and handling the final stage of distribution to customers in their respective areas.

The distribution system is designed to ensure seamless logistics and supply chain management. The company employs efficient transport and delivery methods, utilizing a fleet of vehicles that are well-maintained and equipped with tracking systems to monitor shipments. This enables the company to track the movement of products from the warehouses to the distribution points and ultimately to the customers.

With this robust distribution system in place, alafia can effectively meet customer demands and ensure timely availability of products throughout libya. The strategically located warehouses and distribution points enable efficient inventory management, reduce lead times, and enhance customer satisfaction.